Sunday, August 1, 2010

A happy ending for Scaredy Sasha

Volunteers may remember Sasha, a dog who turned up at the shelter last winter and was extremely scared and tentative in her kennel.

She was fostered by the shelter’s longtime partner, trainer Kathy Kear. A few weeks after going home with Kathy, Sasha made an appearance at one of Kathy's training classes. She looked like a different dog - much more confident and happy.

Kathy eventually hooked up Sasha with a permanent home. Here is an update from Kathy along with an 'after' picture:

Sasha was a scared worried girl in the shelter, not letting anyone touch her and hiding in the corner. I finally got her to let me leash her, took her out of her cage and she never looked back! She stayed with me for 3 weeks and learned from my other dogs how to be a dog! She blossomed with patience and gentle calm energy. Jennifer from San Francisco saw her on Craig's List and came to visit her one evening. She had just lost her wonderful Sharpei mix, Scout, yet was ready to open her heart again. Sasha was tentative at the first meeting- taking treats but staying close to me....In a few days, Sasha went home with Jennifer. They are now the best of friends. Sasha goes to work with Jennifer and she is the office dog that everyone must stop and say hi to. She has a pack of dog friends that she meets weekly at the beach, and most of all she has a warm loving home with Jennifer where she knows she will be forever loved and nurtured."

Thanks for the update Kathy, and it’s great to see that yet another shelter dog has wound up in a great situation!


Sam said...

I absolutely ADORED Sasha and I am thrilled to know that she is loved and happy. :)

Lisa said...

Wonderful story! Brings a tear to my eye...