Monday, August 2, 2010

Call for Bios

If you have a special experience with a dog and would like to write about it so that it can be used in the dog's bio, please do so, and then send it to me. I try to get to know all the dogs so I can write accurate bios, but it is not easy to find that special something in one or two walks with every dog. As you have probably observed, some of the bios are more passionate than others-- it is because something about that dog has moved me deeply. I know others have that experience, too; if we could get those authentic moments incorporated into the bios, I think we would have some awesome copy to accompany Rob's great photos.

Please send to:



Joel said...

Pam, are there any specific dogs that have missing bios or bios you think could be improved by people who have more experience with the dog?

It's a big job writing all of those things, I'm sure people would be willing to help out.

Pam said...

If you go onto VPA ( and see a dog without a bio, and you happen to know that dog well, consider sending a short bio to Amelia, Rob or me for posting. Thanks!