Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bay to Barkers 2010

Look out folks, we have not one, not two, but four K-9 Olympians in the house! Today was Bay to Barkers 2010 - a fundraiser for BEBHS - and BACS not only had a booth there but was also well represented by four wonderful 'competitors' - Guero, Murphy, Bobo, and Fendi (as well as BACS alumna, Pachanga).

Great dogs with great handlers!

There were 12 events - a one mile-ish walk around the Albany Bulb and 11 games. The games were lots of fun for the dogs. We got to sample various agility obstacles, try our paws at a rally course, bob for hot dogs (Murphy very cleverly drank all the water to retrieve the hot dog, Pachanga dunked her nose very tentatively a couple times before committing to the full dunk, and Bobo just went for it). Other games included the tennis ball catch (this was not Guero's specialty - he repeatedly let it bounce off him before committing to getting the ball), and recall through distractions (turns out Murphy is very food motivated, she stalled at the bag of treats, and Guero thought a rawhide ring was pretty cool to stop his mad dash for, Bobo was decidedly unimpressed with the distractions and the recall).

You'll note that Fendi hasn't been mentioned. Well, she had the honourable duty of greeting people at our booth, which she did with style and grace!

Who could resist stopping by with this little lady looking their way?

By the end of the day, we had lots of tired pooches (and we finally paused to get some pics). They were all fantastically behaved, even amongst some serious crowds of people and dogs. They did us proud so stop by their kennels (esp. with a treat) and have a look at their ribbons, their K9 Olympian certificates are on their way!

Two big dogs having a rest on one blanket...

So little Bobo can stay sound asleep on his, and under yet another
(he got a little chilly in the wind)!

"Forget everyone else, gimme the treat, gimme, gimme, come on.....pleeeease"


Maureen said...

And a good time was had by all !!!!

Rob said...

Thanks everyone for representin' BACS, and thanks Anthea for posting the update and all the great photos!

Addie said...

That was a fun day, and probably very mentally stimulating for Guero and the others...
Right now, Fendi is at my house and doing great! We are fostering her for a week so she can get used to living in a home with people.