Sunday, August 22, 2010

BAD RAP Action

Lots of new volunteers and dogs at the class, let's check in for some exclusive coverage...

New viral video stars, Albert and Kelly:

Betty is a frisky pup, just look at what she did to Sue:

Deborah gets her game face on for the wedding march drill, Murphy's preparation looks a little less focused:

Larry gives Samuel his maiden voyage at class:

Working hard or hardly working? You be the judge. Tulip and David:

Our reigning Volunteer of the Month shows she is not going to let go of the crown without a fight. Maya gives Radar the business:

Super-sub Elizabeth guides Shirley Temple through drills:

DeAnna and her new charge, Rambler:

Kelley has turned Ruby into a rising class star:

My victim for the day, ol' Smiley Miley. She did really well in her very first class. She had a good time and thanked me by licking my face nonstop for about five minutes after class. See her demonstrating her crazy mad "Look" skills, by comparison it took Azul about six weeks before he decided he would look up at me:

Former BACS dogs Pony Boy (now Moby), Goldie (now Lucy), and Azul were also on hand, working with their new owners. Are you dogs a bit miffed that your pictures aren't up? TOO BAD, GET YOUR OWN BLOG! This one is for current adoption candidates only!


Rob said...

Great to see so many shelter dogs at BR - kudos to you all. Thanks for the photos and always-amusing captions, Joel!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's probably the most shelter dogs we've had at badrap!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's probably the most shelter dogs we've had at badrap!

Joel said...

The program has gotten very popular with some of the coverage we've received. It is great to have so many dogs there, it makes them much more adoptable and also helps us with our own handling skills. There are more than a couple of former BACS dogs who probably would not have been adopted had volunteers not committed themselves to taking them to class.