Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where's Gigi?

You probably remember Gigi, a smallish pit bull terrier who arrived at the shelter in January. She came to us understandably sad and depressed – she had been stripped away from her newborn litter and dumped into a BACS night box.

Life is happily on the upswing for Gigi these days. She has a nice new home and a new name – Harley, short for Harlequin. She’s also getting along great with her two new housemates: Max (who looks like Raulon’s twin brother), and 5-pound Bella, a Chihuahua.

Her new owners, Janice and Erik, say that Harley's depression is diminishing as she begins to accept that her new home is for real. Janice says that Harley is a DREAM, and makes her wonder how Max got to be so nuts.

Here we see Gigi/Harley (lifeless lump on the left) using a free paw to demonstrate clear domination over new domestic partner Max (lifeless lump on the right):

Happy trails Harley! Don't be a stranger!


Here are a few pictures of Harley/Gigi on a recent trip. She went with her family down to Los Angeles for a wedding and also got to go camping in the Mojave Desert and to Laguna Beach.


Chilling on the beach:

Mojave desert:

Getting a drink after all that action (I had no idea she could operate a water fountain! Did we check her for thumbs?):


Janice said...

When we first brought her home, she was not only bleeding from her recent surgery, but also devastated by the loss of her dogs. Scared and confused, the first thing she did was "go" in the house. Although my one condition when filling out the forms was that she be housebroken, looking into her eyes encouraged me to dig deep into my well of patience. I knew right then and there that she was part of my family and I could never give up on her- not matte what. Since then, she has made great progress, although we are still working on getting her completely housebroken. Thankfully, it is her ONLY bad habit- otherwise she is a saint. An easy travel companion, she hardly pulls, and stays close to me off-leash when hiking. I am lucky that she is a treat-driven dog, unlike Max. She has recently begun to accept my kisses and kisses me back. Her favorite place is in the kitchen (go figure) by my side, or gnawing on Max's face.

This picture does not do justice to how close this pair are. I have never seen two dogs that get along as well as Harley and Max. They play all day with each other, and don't go anywhere without the other. I actually caught them "spooing" on a Max's doggie bed the other day, even though they have their own beds. I guess they are not traditionalists! I hope that Harley teaches Max good behavior and Max DOESN'T teach Harley bad ones! LOL!

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