Thursday, March 4, 2010


Dasher is a very handsome, friendly, playful, energetic dog who enjoys demolishing squeaky toys and playing fetch. SUPER smart and athletic, Dasher has what it takes to do agility courses, search and rescue, and more.

During his temperament test today, Dasher had a BLAST playing with every toy in sight. This guy would be a total hoot in the play area.

No, don't worry. Dasher didn't kill a rabbit or office kitty. This is his back hair. That's right, just his back hair. 5 minutes and PHOOMPH, nearly 5 lbs of fur landed on the floor. I was unable to finish before I had to return Dasher to his kennel.

He still needs a good brushing, ladies and gentlemen - please feel free to stop by and give him the spa treatment! (He was totally diggin' it!)

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