Sunday, March 28, 2010

Avea, the Tireless Pooch

Avea is our longest-term dog, having been a BACS resident for almost a year, this coming May. Despite the length of time with us, Avea demonstrates a remarkable resilience, an even temperament, and most importantly, the capacity for FUN!!!!
A few weeks ago, we took her to the play area to help her burn up some of her unprecedented levels of energy. Thanks to our shelter photographer, Rob, we were able to document this phenomenon. First, we brought in Azule:

Well, she made pretty quick work of that boy, so we brought in Raulon:

Well, you can see she outlasted, Raulon, too.

What is a girl to do?????

Entertain herself, by all means . . . in this case, with a frisbee.

Airborne is best. : )

No, not tired yet.

Absolutely mahhhvelous rope-toy!

No, really not tired yet. Heart is not even racing.

Yesssss! A baseball, with endless layers of leather and endless rows of stitching. This will keep her going for hours . . .

The lady said hours-- it is nowhere near time to go.

Okay, the baseball's done; what's next?


Joel said...

Avea is my favorite dog at the shelter, great personality and always happy despite being at the shelter for so long. I cannot figure out why she hasn't been adopted by now. Her day will come though, and it's a testament to her that she is still so happy despite being stuck in a kennel for ten long months.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Avea is such a cute, waddling goofball. Here is some video of her playing with (and tiring out) Raulon.