Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We need a new office dog!

Jamie,  A017133, in Kennel 6. by rmcnicholas.
That's right - we need a new one, because Jamie has been adopted! :)

Dear, dear Jamie,

We shall miss your spunky nature, your goofy personality, your love for sucking on stuffy toys, your love of bananas, apples, tangerines and pizza, your tendency to pee on everything in sight, and your appreciation of the simple things in life. 

We watched you come back from the brink of death to become one of the happiest, joyful dogs we've had the pleasure to know. I'll miss coming into the shelter every day and seeing your smiling face, your fluffy fur, your sparkling white underbite, your bald chest and your old, but happy eyes. 

You've waited a long time for a forever-home, Jamus - we're so happy for you! 

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Ilene said...

That is so wonderful!!