Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lyle at home

My mom, my brother and I drove to see Lyle (a.k.a. 'Piggo') in his new home Sunday morning. When we found his house (near Hilltop), we rang the doorbell, and when the door opened, there was Lyle, his big piggy face poking through his owner's legs. He realized who we were at once and wriggled through to us. He covered us in slobbery kisses and doggy hugs, his body wriggling and his tail wagging so hard it hurt our legs! He was so excited he peed on the floor!

When Lyle finally calmed down enough for us to go inside, we were led through his owner, Kevin's, house. We ended up in the back deck, where we threw Lyle kongs and played tug-of-war.

During the day while Kevin is out, Lyle stays in a 9ft x 9ft kennel, and once Kevin fixes up his backyard so it is doggie-safe, Lyle will be able to hang out there! But when Kevin isn't at school or work, Lyle is at the beach, the dog park or on a walk! He is now almost fully house-trained, and, according to Kevin, hardly ever pulls on the leash or growls at other dogs, though he still chases squirrels. And also, since Kevin is going out of town during Spring break, my family will doggie-sit Lyle at our house!

Here are some pictures we took while we were there:


Joel said...

Wow, looks like a rough life for Mr. Hamhocks. That's great to hear that he's found a good home. Thanks for all your work with him Addie, and I hope you and you mom find a new scary dog to work with!

Cindi said...

I am so glad looking at the pictures of Lyle. He is so relaxed in a doggee way!! He knows that's his home!!