Friday, October 23, 2009

My top 10

A few weeks ago I attended a small get-together to celebrate the adoption of long-termer, Betty Jane. (Yes! Hurray! Betty J. was here for 11 months and finally someone entered BACS doors and saw what a wonderful, sweet girl she was!) One other volunteer (Hi, Dorothy!) mentioned how she used to post her top 10 reasons for volunteering at the Berkeley Shelter on craigslist....well, it got me thinking: what are my reasons?

10. Bragging rights! Next time someone says you're selfish, you can say, "Nah-uh! I volunteer!"

Got the time? I'm working part-time and the economy sucks so I can't get a real job. What else am I gonna do with my time?

It's free!
It costs a lot of money to have hobbies these days. My mom must spend a fortune on knitting needles and yarn every year. But volunteering at the shelter doesn't cost me a dime, how's that
for entertainment?

Feels good, don't it? Some people say that they couldn't volunteer because they'd feel so sad afterward -- I disagree! I get such satisfaction from caring for these dogs that I always leave the shelter in good spirits.

Learn something about yourself! For years I've wanted to be a pastry chef, but just recently I've started to explore other fields - like becoming an ACO! Who knew?

5. Guilt trip! On the days I'm not at the shelter, all I can think about are the dogs and if someone will take out Higgins and Jody. In fact, I challenge myself to go at least X number of days a week...and on the days I don't go I put $1 in an envelope towards buying a toy/treat for the dogs at the shelter.

Keeps you healthy! It keeps me physically active (since I began volunteering I've lost 30lbs!). But besides being healthy for me physically, it's good for me mentally.

3. Make friends! I've met so many kind, giving, unique individuals who have a passion for the welfare of animals.

Make an impact! Be an active member of your community and make a difference in the lives of animals.

1. Nothing I've done has ever felt as rewarding as this. Enough said.


Pam said...

Sam, the dogs, the volunteer corps and the staff are so glad you're as major a part of the shelter as you are now. Thank you for walking through our doors!

Melissa said...

OK, so when's the next new volunteer orientation, please??

Sam said...

I'm not sure when the next orientations are - sometime in the beginning of December. I will make sure to post them on the blog as soon as I know.

Thanks, Melissa!!

Melissa said...

Great, thanks! In the meantime, I have a big bag of Avoderm kibble which my spoiled pitty won't touch - would BACS be able take it if I drop it off? I also have some toys Casey has lost interest in...

Sam said...

Both would be wonderful!