Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jody and the pack walk

This past Saturday, Kathy K. (a great professional dog trainer) and I took Jody to the Albany Bulb for a "pack walk" to see how her behavior with other dogs has progressed/changed since her arrival at the shelter in late March. This is what Kathy had to say about the trip:

Samantha and I took Jody out today for a long walk at the Albany
bulb. I started her on the short leash and she was on a 20 foot lead
about 1/2 hour in. She greeted about 15 dogs on our walk. She
greeted them with good dog social skills- not too pushy or defensive.
She smelled them on a loose leash and went on her way. She met all
size dogs and energies.

We went to the Albany beach where dogs are very excited to be playing
and fetching.
She encountered one dog who got possessive with his stick/toy and
snarled at her several times, pretty fiercely. She responded in kind,
a little less fiercely. This is important to note- that she reacted
back to a dog's aggressiveness. She very quickly responded to my
correction by sitting and looking at me. I was encouraged by this
total surrender behavior and her quick lack of interest in the other
dog. Does this mean she is "dog aggressive"? I would say No, What
is says to me- is she needs work and training around other dogs.
She definitely has good greeting social skills with a variety of
different kinds of dog- small included. I find that shelter dogs can
become more defensive around a reactive dog due to kennel stress.

I think anyone interested in Jody be made aware that she can be very
appropriate around many dogs, AND she needs further socialization and
training so that she learns how to appropriately react to an
aggressive dog.

Basically, I was quite pleased with her numerous close interactions
with all kinds of dogs

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