Monday, October 5, 2009

A day out with the girls...

Today I took several walks with some of my furry girlfriends from the shelter. Miss Queenie - the gorgeous new pit/lab mix in Kennel B40 - was one of them. An affectionate sweetheart! A gentle giant for sure. So cuddly, so warm, so enthusiastic, and so curious. Happy to sit beside me on a park bench or roll around in the grass....What a pretty smile!

Miss Ayla, taking a break from Kennel A15, was lookin' mighty fine today as we strolled through Aquatic Park. She was happy to show off her sleek blue coat and how well trained she is! Ayla can sit, lay down, stay, come, shake, and heel on command. What a good girl!

Avea from A20 is always a pleasure to walk. Such a sweet, loving, and eager to please girl. She's active, goofy, very loyal, and a wonderful dog to spend time with. She's been at the shelter since May - is October the month she'll finally find her forever-home?

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scott said...

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