Friday, October 9, 2009

Jamie, the office favorite!

Dear, sweet Jamie was a teeny bundle of matted fur, sores, and fleas when he arrived at the shelter in one of the night boxes. Frightened, overwhelmed, seemingly unhealthy, and shutdown - many at the shelter did not believe that Jamie could possibly be put up for adoption in his condition.

My first visit with him was both heart breaking and heart warming. When I entered Jamie's kennel, he attempted to move away from me, but was too weak to even move from his tiny cushioned bed. I sat by him, gently stroking his head, whispering words of comfort. He shivered, but did not pull away from my touch, which gave me hope that perhaps with time, Jamie would warm to volunteers at the shelter. I had noticed earlier that Jamie was not eating, so I had brought with me a small bowl full of wet food to see if he would find it more appetizing. He could not make it over to the bowl, so I brought it to him - placing it in front of him. Jamie smelled the 'delicious' food and slowly began to eat. Such a big appetite for such a tiny boy! He finished the entire bowl, licking his lips for more.

Slowly over the next two or three weeks, a small number of volunteers visited Jamie daily - showering him with love and affection that perhaps he had never experienced before. With each day Jamie improved....and by my next visit a couple of weeks later - Jamie had made a complete turn around! Jamie raced up to the kennel door, tail wagging to greet me. I knelt next to him, let him jump into my arms and lick my neck. What a happy, friskly, playful and friendly dog!

Thanks to Shelter staff and volunteers - Jamie is now a healthy and happy dog that has a second chance at life. He's also become an office favorite!

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jim2 said...

Jamie was one of my favorites when I visited. I hope he finds a good home.