Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy days

Ya know, I'm usually a big fan of rainy days. I love the cadence of the rain on the pavement. I enjoy the smell of rain in the air. I love standing outside, feeling the rain drops sprinkle my face. Before I began volunteering at the shelter 3 months ago, rainy days were something that I looked forward to.

But today - today completely changed my perspective on rainy days.

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and smiled:
Hurray! Rain!

But then it hit me:

Yes, volunteering has become such an important part of my routine that my favorite weather, rain, suddenly became a huge obstacle. Before going to the shelter I drove around town, looking for a store that sold galoshes or boots, rain coats, ponchos - anything that could keep me dry while I spent time with my favorite pups. Unfortunately, I turned up empty handed and was forced to accept that today would just have to be a "visiting day".

The dogs were happy to see a familiar face, as usual, but it was obvious that they were more than disappointed when instead of bringing in a collar and a leash, I brought in a big blanket that we could sit on. Sweet Buffee gave me a look that said,
"C'mon...you're joking, right?" (Perhaps that is her expression most of the time :) ).

I realized today that now, more than any other time of year, we need your help! Rainy days are a big disappointment for our pooches who look forward to going out every day with their favorite volunteers. Now that the rainy
season is upon us, perhaps volunteers will become more scarce on those dreaded wet days.

What can we do as volunteers, as dog lovers, as compassionate people that can help keep our favorite shelter pups entertained when we're not there to do it ourselves? DONATIONS!

****PLEASE remember that as much as our doggies love fun toys:
tennis balls, pig ears, and raw hide
are no longer allowed!!
They clog up the drains and cost the shelter money
that they could be spending on the dogs!****

Our pups ARE ALLOWED to have items such as KONGS, fun rope toys, yummy bones to chew on, treats, and much more!

You can visit these websites to get GREAT deals on various toys and treats:





Don't forget, our dogs also could use some blankets and beds to stay comfy in their kennels.


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

Pam said...

Sam, giving the dogs some one-on-one time, even if it is in the kennels is just as important as getting them out for walks. Thanks for doing this for them yesterday.