Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hansel comes out of his shell

When Hansel first arrived at the shelter a little over two weeks ago, he was very timid. On his review walk, he hardly made it outside of the shelter before he sat down and refused to move. I believe that Hansel was overwhelmed by suddenly finding himself in such a strange, new environment.

But with each day Hansel improved. At the shelter he received plenty of affection supplied by the volunteers who came to visit him and take him for walks.

Yesterday, I went to visit him to see how he was doing. What a difference! Hansel raced up to the kennel door, his tiny nails clicking on the floor and his tail wagging with excitement. He was so GLAD to be outside! He explored during our entire walk together (down to the doggie water fountain in the park!) and seemed so much more relaxed.

It's amazing what a little t-l-c can do for a sweet lil' pooch.

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