Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tara (aka "Bali")

Long-term resident, Tara (aka "Bali") passed away June 11th. Volunteers from 2007 will remember Tara (aka "Bali"), as a smart, strong-spirited and perpetually happy petite pittie who could not help but win over all who she met. Tara came into the shelter in mid-2005, was adopted out in the latter part of the same year, but was returned after six months, malnourished and broken-toothed from having been kept outside.

Thus began Tara's second residency at BACS for many more months. But Tara did not seem to mind, for as the hands-down volunteer favorite, she was doted upon, walked often, and became a star pupil of BadRap trainer, Donyale, who took her to class to keep her mentally stimulated and sane.

But a shelter is not a permanent home, so the quest to find Tara a permanent home began in earnest. Volunteer Loraine answered a posting for her in hopes of finding Tara the right forever-home. A woman (Roma) with a large estate in Sebastopol placed the ad, stating she had been looking for the right bully-dog to rescue to become a companion to her dog, Misho. Roma and Misho came by the shelter and it was instant love! Soon Tara was being whisked away to the spacious home in Sebastopol, where she would be treated like the princess she was (see pictures above).

Finding herself in a veritable heaven-on-earth for a dog, Tara had free reign over the acres of Roma's estate, both inside and out, and basked in the warmth of Roma's effusive love for her. Best-devotees of Tara, Alan C., Loraine, and Dorothy went up each Spring and Fall to visit Tara, Misho and Roma. It warms a volunteer's heart to see a former shelter dog being treated with the love and adoration that Tara was fortunate to receive every day of her life with Roma. Would that all our dogs find such happiness as Tara did for the three years she was with Roma, until she passed away in June.

Rest in Peace, sweet Tara.
pictures courtesy of Loraine


Dorothy said...

Nice words, Pam. Tara was indeed truly adored by Roma ~ a very gracious woman to open her home to shelter friends of Tara, to be able to go visit our girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm weeping with thanks, for the graciousness of all who helped Tara.

Rob said...

Poor Tara, and so young too.

I remember her when she was Autumn, and then Bali. I found some photos of her from July 6, 2005, almost exactly 5 years ago, featuring long-time volunteers Dorothy and Alan.

Rob said...

Kristina said...

Oh no, poor dear Tara/Bali. I remember her from 2005, and I remember her adopter eagerly describing her to a friend on the phone... I had moved to another state before she was returned... I had no idea what had happened to her. I am glad she had a chance to be loved.