Monday, June 14, 2010

More BAD RAP pics

My wife Holly came to BAD RAP class with me on Saturday and took a few pictures. Here are some photos. You'll notice quite a lot of doggie tongue in the pictures. Saturday was sunny and hot, and it can be easy for the dogs to lose focus in the heat. Azul had been spacing out on me the past couple of classes, but this week I brought a canister of water for some extra hydration and a nice cool rag to sponge him off between drills. He had a lot more focus and did really well - his best class since the weather got hot.

Me with Azul:

Don't let the BAD RAP folks see this one, I would be in a bit of trouble. This is not exactly the dog behavior we are striving for...

Pony Boy and Sue (now that Avea has been adopted, Pony Boy is my wife's favorite):

DeAnna and Mercedes:

Just so there is no confusion or alarm, DeAnna and Sue do still have their torsos, heads, and arms. But you can't blame the camera for gravitating towards these good-lookin' dogs! And that is some textbook leash-holding on display. There were some other BACS residents braving the heat - Hercules, Albert, Boots, etc.


DeAnna said...

Great idea with the cool rag! You and Azul were doing great in class - especially compared to the rest of us... This heat's been killer.

Mercedes certainly has her stubborn streak, but I've never been utterly unable to get her to walk. Until yesterday, when after a truly epic battle of wills, I carried her the four blocks back from 4th street. She was taking a hardline stance against any kind of physical exertion in this weather - I can hardly blame her. We'll definitely have a wet rag with us come Saturday. Thanks for the tip!

Joel said...

Donna Reynolds from BAD RAP suggested that to me after I told her that Azul resembled a furry 50-pound paperweight during drills the previous two hot Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures were SO great! I especially love the last one where Mercedes has affectionately plopped her paw down on DeAnna's foot. I always think it's so cute when dogs do that.

And DeAnna - that is so crazy you carried Mercedes back from 4th street! You must be in extremely good shape!! I'm not even sure if I could lift her at all, let alone carry her four blocks. That is pretty impressive!
-Alicia :)

Pam said...

Thanks, Holly for these great pictures that document up close the hard work some of our volunteers do with BadRap to help get these deserving dogs adopted.

Anonymous said...

Joel you should post an entry about how it's going with Sadie now that you're taking her instead.