Saturday, June 26, 2010

Avea is living it up

Here is an update from Avea’s adopters, Mike and Kai. Avea has a new name, SweetDee, and now lives in Sacramento. It sounds like that’s about all that has changed. She's the same goofball dog we knew at the shelter! She's making up for a long 12 months in her kennel with all sorts of fun activities.

It's our one month anniversary with Dee so we wanted to write and say hello and thank you for taking such good care of her. I think all her socialization and training during her time at the shelter has helped her transition so easily into our lives and we love her so much. Her personality has really come out in the past few weeks and while she still keeps us laughing, she's become very calm, sweet and loving. Most of the time, she's totally happy just to keep us company doing whatever it is that we're doing and she'll follow us from room to room checking up on everything and making sure everything is up to standard. We take her to the dog park daily where she's made some new friends and I've gotten compliment after compliment about how well she plays with other dogs and everyone is amazed that she was at the shelter for as long as she was.

Our only complaint was that we always thought that we would never let our dog on the furniture and while she's generally respectful of the couch and our bed, she's completely taken over the spare room. We had no choice but to embrace that and now we take naps together with her on HER bed. She turned out to be a huge cuddler, often making sure that we're touching somehow before falling asleep. Recently we took her to Tahoe for a few days where she got to play in the water and hike. She turned out not to be a swimmer or much of a retriever but she was an excellent hiker. You can see her showing off her new hiking backpack and her slimmer figure. She's lost about 6 pounds in the last month and is now weighing in at a trim 56 pounds.

Dee also turned out to be super smart. We taught her shake, bang, roll over, leave it and up within a matter of hours and working on bed. She has become very responsive to her name and she walks well in the leash and generally only needs to be told something a few times before she learns not to do it again.

She is so wonderful.

Mike, Kai and SweetDee

Avea/SweetDee at Lake Tahoe:

At her favorite pet-friendly restaurant:

Resting at home:


Lisa said...

beautiful girl! happy family! wonderful!

Rob said...

This is so great to see! Thank you thank you thank you for rescuing Dee!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Glad to hear that she's doing well. Thanks for sharing!

Loraine said...

This is such a glorious report!!!! I am very happy for Sweet Dee. What a honey pie :>)

Lisa G. said...

I love the second photo of her signature move, the flying pounce! Plus, she has a favorite restaurant! Things are really looking up for our goofball.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving dog. Thanks, Avea's new family!

Pam said...
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Pam said...
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Pam said...
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