Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Six Week Update on Ted and Dana

The Summer fun continues with Ted and Dana. Things with my internship didn't work out, but the good news is that I get to spend the rest of the Summer with these two!

One of the most amazing things is how buff each of these guys has become! With all of the playing and running and exploring they do, their muscles have really bulked up. Dana is a compact, buff little wrestling and hunting machine, and Teddy is too statuesque and manly to believe. Everywhere we go people comment on our cool looking dogs, especially since the suburban area where I live is filled with yellow labs and golden retrievers (not too many pitties).

Ted, most often referred to as Tater or Tootle, can usually be found lounging on a pile of pillows on my sister's bed (he would snuggle there for eternity), on the living room couch, or in his favorite room, THE KITCHEN. Sure, we've lost some snacks off the kitchen counter, but one goofy look from Tater with his yellow eyes and floppy ears usual clears any tension up. Ted has really transitioned into a mellow and laid back guy. I can see his maturity and easy going attitude increase every day. Ted is also the best at making us laugh constantly. We have no idea what trick he'll pull next.

Sister Dana, on the other hand, finally has the opportunity to just be a puppy. I am amazed at the difference in her personality. At the shelter, I had no idea what a little puppy she really still is at heart. Now that's she's at home, this little youngster has the chance to play and act like the goofy puppy she is. She rolls around on her back, her eyes gleaming with puppy-like playfulness and excitement, and she almost always instigates the wrestling with her brother. She just wants to love and be loved, and fill the days with as much exploration and play as possible. She gets as many hugs as she pleases at home, so now on walks she just focuses on having fun with Ted rather than feeling the need to have a hug every five feet.

It is too much fun for me to see my best buds adjust to their homes and to transform into different dogs. I love to see my family become attached to them, and to see them be made a part of our family.


Lisa said...

Yay!! Thanks for the update. It sounds like one big happy family! Congratulations and thank you.

Joel said...

Good thing Teddy has mellowed out even more, because he was buff enough for most of us while he was at the shelter.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet update!!! :)