Friday, May 7, 2010

Victor Finds His Forever-Home

GREAT NEWS! Victor, everyone's favorite dapper little gentleman, was adopted yesterday afternoon!!!! Although I only had the chance to take Victor out for one walk before he went home with his forever family, he really touched my heart with his sweet, loving personality. During our walk together, we took a short little stroll to a nice, sunny patch of grass at the Aquatic Park and lounged around in the sun while I rubbed his tummy. He seemed blissfully content, every now and then glancing up at me with a little look that seemed to say "this is the life." I thought to myself how sweet this little dog was and how easy it was to make him happy. All he seemed to ask was for someone loving to give him tummy rubs and lounge around with him in the sun. I am so happy that Victor has connected with a wonderful person who will do these little things for him and provide him with the loving forever home he so deserves. He is sure to return all the love he gets tenfold and make his owner(s) very happy. I wish Victor much love and happiness and endless tummy rubs in his new forever home!

Text by Alicia D.

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