Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miley, the Happy Dog

Ms. Miley is just about the happiest girl in the Berkeley shelter (just look at that smile!). Her pure joy when out with her walker, or for that matter upon seeing the walk card being flipped over in anticipation of a walk is unsurpassed. It is hard to stay in a less-than-good mood for long when spending time with Miley, for she finds delight in everything: new people, new dogs, new sights and smells. She does quite well when spending time with other dogs, and will happily walk side-by-side with them. Miley even enjoys a dip in the pond on a hot day! (Shhh!)

This mostly Boxer-pit mix is a little treasure in our shelter, bringing smiles to those who spend time with her, and demonstrating that most enviable canine characteristic of living in the moment. Dogs can teach us so much, if we let them. Thanks sweet girl, for that lesson, which you so kindly reinforce each time I spend time with you. : )

Photography by Rob McNicholas


Lisa said...

she's a doll! wish I lived where I could have a dog!!!!

Alicia said...

She is ADORABLE! She has that awesome pittie grin!!

Anonymous said...

what a sweet, sweet face

Anonymous said...

How is she with outside cats if she was to live in doors?