Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cinnamon and Buster

Life just got a little sweeter for Cinnamon - she has finished receiving all her necessary puppy vaccines and can now venture out of her kennel for walks and socializing. She is still very shy but seems to be really enjoying all her new adventures. She has gone for several walks with loving BACS volunteers, and she has enjoyed a few stints as a BACS office dog (a very fun and coveted treat for the doggies here!). Although timid around people, she seems to be outgoing, social, and playful with other dogs. On one of her days as a BACS office dog, she met Buster, another BACS resident who was enjoying office dog privileges that day too. Rob McNicholas captured an adorable interaction between these two pups. Buster is a little bashful in this video, but Cinnamon is ready to play!


Text by Alicia D.


Rob said...

I think Buster was so bashful because of me! You'll notice him looking over at the camera a few times. But luckily Cinnamon didn't give up very easily and eventually he relented and chased her a bit.

(I'm sorry I had to cut the video when I did; I was blocking the door to the kennel and someone was trying to come through.)

Anglina said...

I like buster. because i have same one.