Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forever Home for Petry

I remember when Petry first came to BACS about a month ago. The first day I saw her was a Friday. She was terrified, depressed, and withdrawn. She just lay curled up in a little ball in her bed, her head hidden under her paws, literally shaking with fright. She looked absolutely miserable. I was playing with a dog in a kennel across from her, and the more I watched her the more I worried about her. A visitor who was looking at the dogs stopped in front of her kennel and tried to talk to her and get her attention, but his presence only made her shiver more violently and curl up into a tighter ball. I remember going home that evening and wondering if she would be able to come out of her shell, if she would be alright. I thought about her a lot that weekend, but was too busy to come into the shelter.

When I came in the next Monday, I looked for the little, miserable white puppy curled up in a ball. That puppy had vanished, and in her place was a cheerful, happy little dog peering out of her kennel and looking ready to greet the world and see what it had to offer her. I was absolutely shocked at her transformation. I have no idea what Petry's life was like before she came to BACS, but she is one resilient little dog. And now an adoption is pending for her. She will soon be home with her forever family (a loving couple, two cats, and a Pit/Labrador mix brother), enjoying the love and nurturing that she so deserves. Enjoy your joyful new life, Petry! You deserve all the happiness in the world.
Text and graphics by Alicia D.

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Yay! Good News!