Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy T(r)ails

A whole pack of wonderful doggies have recently been adopted, including Romy, Fuji, Goldie, Tupper, Olive (now called Lola), and of course Teddy and Dana! Congratulations to these lucky dogs and their loving forever families! Plus...BACS got an update from Clementine's forever family, who adopted her about a month ago. Clementine is fitting in wonderfully with her family and they are very happy to have her. Much love and happiness to all these doggies and their families. And to these families, thank you for making the choice to adopt a rescue dog!

Text and photo collage by Alicia D.


Joel said...

We're on a good run of moving the merchandise, hopefully the better weather and school getting out can keep a high interest in adopting. This is certainly the fewest number of dogs we've had available since I started volunteering. We just need to get some of the longer-termers out, like the A-Team (Avea, Azul, Albert).

I'm also hoping Courtney can send us a picture of Teddy and Dana sharing a surfboard before too long.

Lisa G. said...

Not enough dogs to walk -- it's a nice problem to have! I can also report that I've seen former green-dot star Blaisey (now just Blaze) out walking twice in El Cerrito with her new owners, tail wagging and lots of spring in her step.

Pam said...

Thanks to you Alicia, and your dedication to some of the shy dogs, this list of adopted dogs is getting longer. Love your graphics!

Alicia said...

Thank you, Pam!! :o)