Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Shelter Report

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Berkeley which always makes for a more pleasant shelter experience. It's a true pleasure to get the dogs out into the sunshine. Here's some of what went on today.

We decided to introduce two of our gorgeous chocolate colored pitties to each other today. Bo and Sunshine have both played with other dogs but sometimes the chemistry isn't just right between two particular dogs. So, despite their complimentary coats, these two were not quite a matched pair. Bo can be a bit forward and he'll want to get right into playing. Sunshine is a refined, mature doggie and she'd rather be the one to initiate interactions. She let Bo know that she didn't appreciate the presumption. We decided to walk them together in the park. This was a good idea. They were quite content to stroll together.

As it happened, a nice young woman who is interested in possibly adopting Sunshine stopped by to say hello. She adopted BACS shelter dog Zon (now Bodhi) last year and is hoping to find a companion for him. Sweet Sunshine has caught her eye. We took the two pooches over to the dog run to do some introductions. At first, they pretty much ignored each other and sniffed about the run. After a while, Sunshine initiated some play moves and Bodhi responded. They did some running and wrestling together and shared a drink from the water bucket. Looks like there's potential.

We also took Sinclair and Pearl out for a park jaunt together. As usual, Pearl is much more confident in the company of another dog and she will walk further if another pooch is leading the way.

Here's Reggie our latest shelter clown in need of some training and love!

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