Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cozy home for "Gilbert" now "Otter"

We always happy to hear news about pooches adopted from our shelter. Gilbert was a lucky boy in that he was adopted shortly after becoming available. It's not hard to see why when you look at the pictures of the handsome, goofy boy below. However, given how challenging it can be to find homes for black pit bulls we are thrilled that he has settled into his new life with Lisa and Cami. Here's what adopter Lisa had to say:

Hi just wanted to send a little update about Gilbert (adopted 7-26-08). He is now called "Otter" and is settling in well with his new sister "Cami". He came in with no manners and was very unsure about sharing his home or toys with another dog, but a little less than a month later he has made some big changes. He and Cami romp about the house gleefully, playing tug and chasing each other while they do the zoomies! He has done wonderfully with house breaking, is getting better with his basic manners, and will be attending Pit Ed soon. He has been great with all new dogs he has met, including my parents 9lb alpha Dachshund. Thanks for the new addition, and thanks a ton to Pam for really working with me to find the right match! -Lisa, Cami and Otter

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