Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Other Sister, Ellie

Report from Ellie's new mom:
Ellie is doing great!! It took her a while to settle in and adjust but she is happy as a clam and loving her new life!! She go on walks with Dale up in the hills a lot and our grandchildren are here quite often (especially now that Ellie is here). She really enjoys the children and they adore her!

Dale is the one who surprises me. He is usually fond of our dogs but more distant with them than I am. But he loves Ellie and has so much patience with her puppy ways (the vet said she is between 12 and 18 months). The first month or so we got a lot of chewing and some digging and tearing up plants, etc. Dale replaced parts of the watering system 3 times but she has settled down more now.

I am including some pics so you can see what a gorgeous, happy dog she is! Thank you for all you do for these special animals!!

Read about Pearl, Ellie's sister, in her new home as well.

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