Friday, August 15, 2008

Odd Couples

Today Alan and I opted for some unexpected pairs during the doggie play sessions. Every so often there's a period at the shelter where we are hard pressed to find female dogs who want to play. Then we're stuck with lots of eager male pooches but no reliable females. It's challenging and it provokes us to reminisce about the days when Gesso (our legendary star player), Chiona or Rosie graced the shelter. Of course, we're thrilled that those girl doggies are now ensconced in homes of their own. However, we sure wouldn't mind coming across a dog of their calibre some time soon!

Phillipa & Reggie: Phillipa is a more mature and dominant pooch and Reggie is excitable and leash reactive. An obvious combination? Well, ummm... Alan has spent a lot of time working with Reggie and we were pretty sure his excitement around other dogs is friendly. So it appears to be. In the dog run, he was appropriately submissive to Queen Phillipa and didn't push her. Phillipa was mildly interested in sniffing him but wasn't up for any madcap play. Too bad, Reggie would have loved it. We'll have to find a more active play pooch for him. Phillipa did get a little snarly and corrected Reggie when he ventured too close as Alan was petting her on the bench. However, no harm done.

Bo & Rhoda: Oh BoBo we love you so. We really wanted to bring out a playful pittie girl who would wrestle with you to your heart's content. Alas, it was not to be. Instead, we offered sweet shepherd girl Rhoda who is a bit nervous but friendly. Understandbly, she was a bit daunted by Bo's bulk and enthusiasm. She would bark excitedly at him then dash off only to return for more. Bo did his best to entice her with his crazy cute sideways play bow dance but it was not to be. He got the hint and backed off and went to find a ball to chew on. Rhoda was more comfortable with the humans in the dog run and she stopped by for frequent pets. So, it wasn't a fabulous play session but the pooches got out of their kennel which is always a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel & volunteers,

Forgive me if I've already left this comment, wasn't sure it registered or not.

I picked up Rhoda from the vet on Monday afternoon and she is now living in suburban Santa Clara. Having had rescue Lab mixes most of my life (LabxKeeshond, LabxGermanShep, LabxRottie), the Border Collie in her mix is going to be a handful, I can see that already. The BC, plus the general craziness of a 1 yo dog from an unknown source, is a big injection of energy into the household.

But some research into resources, such as Border Collie Rescue sites, etc. is giving me lots of ideas. Keep her busy, keep her active, keep training her to work and do things, and she may turn out all right.

It's been fun so far, seems to be perking up my 11 yo LabxRottie, who has been in a funk since my 15 yo Suzie died last month. Since Rhoda was a night drop with no paperwork or notes, I don't have much insight into her past, though it seems like she may never have been inside a house - she looked at a flushing toilet as if it was a space alien. :-)

Thanks to you and the volunteers for working with the dogs and catching some great pictures of her at play. I promise photos and an update on her after she settles in a bit.

Best regards, Eric in Santa Clara

a t
dot net)