Friday, August 15, 2008

Cartoon or Canine?

Okay, so ever since new dog Reggie appeared at the shelter I've had a recurring thought that he reminds me of something. This shiny, happy boy keeps triggering some impression in my brain. As it happened, I was the person to name him. He has a cartoonish quality which I kept coming back to. So, I dubbed him "Reggie" after the bad boy in the Archie comics. Now, Reggie is a *good* dog who simply needs some training. However, I think the shiny blackness of his coat brought Archie's Reggie to mind.

Anyway, it occurred to me later that Reggie reminded me more of the old style cartoons. I poked around on the web and came up with two possibilities: Koko the Clown or Steamboat Willie. It was fun to see some old images in these days of fancy computer graphics. Thanks to Reggie!

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