Friday, May 10, 2013

Liz takes a holiday

Our low-slung girl Liz has been at the shelter for over four months now.  She's been enjoying playdates with various dogs (most notably her best gal pal Cali).  While we really want Liz to find her forever home soon we're pleased to report that she was able to spend a couple of days at home with a devoted volunteer.  

The volunteer reports that Liz was a great house guest.  She wrote:   

At home, when Liz is not playing with her toys, she likes to cuddle with her people (she is part lap dog), gaze out the window, or relax in her crate.  She does well in a crate (assuming, of course, that she is otherwise properly exercised and entertained), and is fine sleeping in there at night or while her people are out of the house.  

Although it’s hard to tell for sure in the shelter environment, we believe Liz is well on her way to being potty trained.  She is good at letting people know when she needs to go out.  In fact she has been known to pick up her own leash and carry it to the door or nudge people when she needs to go out.  And, once outside, she often goes potty on command.

Let's get this girl out of the shelter and into a home!   Please spread the word on her behalf.

This is great!

Skillfully working a puzzle toy

So much to see outside the shelter!

Morning yoga
Warms the heart to see her looking so relaxed

Enjoying an outing to a cafe

Won't you be mine?

Video of Liz playing in the water:

For those of you who missed it.   Liz has her own fabulous video (Love is Made for Liz)  created by volunteer Jian.

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Liz H said...

I am so obsessed with this dog. If I wasn't in Atlanta on the other side of the country, she would be mine, all mine. Whoever gives her a home will be a very lucky person.