Monday, May 6, 2013

BAD RAP's Rescue Jam Class

Over the weekend BAD RAP hosted one of their rescue jams, with animal welfare people from all over the country - and even Canada and Australia - flew in to share and discuss ideas. One of the highlights was showing off BAD RAP's pit ed class to the attendees, and of course BACS dogs were there to strut their stuff. Let's have a look.

The crowd was there to soak it all in...

...and we had a big lively group of eager students.

Rachel and Liz were looking strong.

So were Allie and Diamond.

Cali is an eye contact machine with Courtney.

Ashley is looking good with Kathy too.

Sonya brought Jasper to his very first class in front of the big crowd. He was a little jumpy but did great.

Andie brought Stak. Stak is really settling into the class environment.

Barnaby likes to play it cool in class, but Barbara will whip him into shape.

Look at the picture-perfect handshake drill...Diamond and Ashley's eyes are on their handler and not on the other dogs. Way to put on a show!

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