Friday, May 17, 2013

It's Cali's turn to go home!

Our girl Cali has been at the shelter for almost 6 months now.  We're not sure why she's being overlooked.  Cali has been the star of our shelter play groups and she has played actively and reliably with a number of dogs.  Many of her playfriends have moved into homes of their own and we want it to be Cali's turn.

Cali has also been attending BADRAP training class each weekend with a volunteer so she has a jumpstart on her doggie manners.

Check out the pictures of our gorgeous girl below.

Beautiful girl

Out for a walk at the park

Happy tired dog after some great play fun with her shelter buddies
Leading the play pack with Julep, Jojo and Norma Jean (all who have been adopted)

Letting Jojo know she's ready for some fun!

Happy time with big boy Hockey
Hanging out at the water bowl with her best well-matched playpal, Liz

Silly upside-down pooch


Nettynoo14 said...

What a love. I sometimes take my dog to Point Isabel or Berkeley Marina. Would Cali be allowed to come with my former BACS dog and me?

Adrian Meli said...

Cali's smile is priceless-hopefully, she will be with a great family soon. She deserves it :-)

Rachel said...

Nettynoo14 -- thanks for adopting from BACS! Unfortunately, city regulations do not allow Cali to venture out with you and your personal dog while she's still at the shelter. We do try to arrange as many playdates with other shelterdogs as we can so we can keep her socialized and exercised while she's with us. Thank you for the invitation.