Friday, May 24, 2013

Hanging out with new dogs Mama Bear and Tye

New pooches Mama Bear & Tye are being kenneled at BACS while the Alameda Shelter undergoes repair.   If they're lucky, they will go off to a forever home while in Berkeley!   We hope so.

After some initial hesitation while being introduced they enjoyed a companionable walk and then low-key play session in the shelter community room together.

They're both gorgeous, friendly dogs.   They'd love to meet you!

Mama Bear (left) and Tye

Mama Bear got a little hot out on the walk and would have been happy to hitch a ride on Tye's back!

Handsome Tye with his Roman nose.  Perhaps some bull terrier in the mix?

Touring the community room

A little wrestling fun

Mama Bear *loves* her belly rubs

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Unknown said...

They are both adorable. It looks like all went well.