Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shy Sweethearts

Many of us have had the experience of being nervous in a new situation or feeling shy in a large group of strangers. Many BACS doggies feel this way too, especially with all the different sounds and people that fill their lives at the shelter. Two particularly shy canine residents are Cinnamon and Buster. These two gentle puppies don’t seem like they had much (if any) human contact before they arrived at BACS, and as a result they can be very timid.

Cinnamon, one of the shyest dogs at BACS, is an adorable 3 month old pittie-catahoula mix. She has the most gentle expression in her huge green eyes. She is quiet and introverted, and trembles with nervousness when a new person initiates contact. But once she has been around you for a little while, she grows more relaxed and will accept treats from your palm (this girl loves treats!) and will nuzzle and lick your hand. When she gazes up and fixes you with her soulful stare, it is enough to melt your heart. Cinnamon has a long way to go before she is comfortable around people, but plenty of patience and TLC should help her get there.

Buster, a 4 month old pittie, is a sweet boy with a loving, affectionate temperament. He seems to crave human interaction and will wag his tail when he sees someone approach his kennel. But once he is face to face with you, he becomes very bashful. Fortunately, Buster interacts beautifully with other dogs, and a canine companion allows him to be the goofy, joyful pup that he is beneath his shyness. He and Goldie, another lovely, shy BACS resident, went on a walk together the other day, and both blossomed in the presence of one another dog. It was beautiful to see them romping and playing in the grass, enjoying each other’s company and leaving their shyness behind for a little while.
Text and photography by Alicia D.


Rob said...

I was at the shelter today and Cinnamon was relentless in trying to play with all the other dogs. Buster was a little shy with me present but she managed to get him to play eventually. Here's a little video:

Alicia said...

Rob, great video! That is so adorable! I've never seen such a playful, outgoing side of Cinnamon. That's really nice to see.