Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lyle Update

You might have read Lyle's other post, where my mom, my brother and I went to his new home to see how he was. Here is another Lyle update, from when we took care of Lyle at our house during Spring break, while his owner, Kevin, was out of town.

Like when we saw Lyle a week or two ago in his permanent home, Lyle was way more relaxed than he was in the shelter. It was wonderful to see him out of cages and bars forever!

Since me and my brother, Matt, were out of school, Lyle got tons of attention and walks! We practiced his new trick, 'paw' (a.k.a. 'shake') and played lots of tug-of-war and fetch. I tried to teach him to 'drop it' better, since he wasn't very good at that. We also discovered that he can jump very high, 5 feet into the air!

Because of his thin head coat that reveals a lot of pink skin, Lyle had his very own doggie-sunscreen, which we put on him when we put him on a long lead in our yard, or when it was sunny during his long walks.

At night Lyle slept on his very large doggie bed. Though he snored a little bit, he knew when it was his bed time and settled down when everyone was ready to sleep.

There was only 2 bad things about his stay (not counting snoring): 1. He 'liked' our 19 year old kitty cat, who mostly stayed safely under the house during his 5 day stay. 2. A couple times it rained pretty hard, so it was a little bit difficult to keep the floors clean with muddy paws always romping across it. But despite those 2 things, it was very fun to take care of Lyle. :)

Here is Lyle after a long walk in Tilden, crawling to the floor of the car in an attempt to cool down.

This is Lyle's 'what is a camera?' look, or perhaps his 'where is food' look

Lyle was very happy to see Kevin when he came to pick Lyle up from our house. :)

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