Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh My Darling, Clementine!

Clementine is a beautiful, petite one-year-old pittie with a heart of gold. The good folks at Berkeley Animal Control rescued her from under a freeway on-ramp, where she was wandering as a stray.

Clementine is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs in the universe. Her first year was no doubt pretty rough, and as a result she can be skittish and fearful of new situations and loud noises. But since being at BACS, she is gradually learning that the world can be a fun place filled with nurturing, caring people. She can be shy when meeting new people. But once she spends some time with them and realizes they are “safe,” she rewards them for their patience by letting her friendly, loving personality shine out and steal their hearts. It is a wonderful sight when her fear melts away and she is able to relax and let her goofy, happy side take the wheel. Her joy is totally contagious. She loves going to the park, where she frolics and bounces through the grass like a frog. Here she is rolling around in the grass (one of her favorite activities)…

This little snugglebug is a fast learner and eager to please. When being taught something new, she seems to worry that she is “in trouble.” This is quickly overcome with plenty of encouragement and reassurance that everything is OK and that she is doing great. She is learning to walk nicely on a leash, and she picked up “sit” and “lie down” in just a few days! She will begin doggie obedience classes with BAD RAP this weekend, where she will no doubt add many more skills to her repertoire.

This little bundle of love will continue to blossom with time, patience, and encouragement. For the future owner(s) who can offer her the gentle, nurturing forever home she so deserves, she will return the love they give her tenfold. She is really a precious little treasure.

Pictures and text by Alicia D., Clementine's biggest fan.


Joel said...

She also might be the best-looking dog we've had at the shelter since Higgins.

I haven't spent any time with Clementine yet, but this description sounds a lot like Nino, another new young pittie. Once I get Azul out the door I'd love to start taking Nino to Bad Rap!

Sam said...

Thanks for sharing, Alicia!

Liz said...

My husband and I met Clementine two weeks ago and have been talking about her ever since. I'm delighted to read this post and see the pictures, and I would like to get to know her better.

Maj-Britt said...

I am so glad to hear Clementine is doing so well. I actually found her ON the freeway so its no wonder she is a bit jittery, but she was a sweetheart and a trooper from the get go. Unfortunately I am not ready for a dog, but she will no doubt be snuggling with her forever family in no time :)
Thank you all!