Monday, April 5, 2010

Adoption update: Scout!

Several months ago, a pretty lil' border collie mix named 'Sparkles' came through our shelter doors and was instantly a hot ticket item. Everyone wanted to adopt her - at least 15 people lined up outside the shelter at 10:00 a.m. to make sure that they didn't miss their opportunity to bring her into their lives.

Perhaps you're wondering why was I so invested in Sparkles future? Well, because I knew one family that was just the right fit! The family that I knew was active (both adults ran every day!), experienced with border mixes (having had one for 15 years prior to looking into adopting a new dog), and committed to training and providing the appropriate stimulation for such a high energy dog (a hobby of theirs!). Sadly, Sparkles was adopted to another couple and this family went home broken hearted. A week later, however, she was returned.

The day that Sparkles was returned, I called this family to let them know that 'It was true! She's back! Come see her!'. The whole crew: the moms, the 3 kids, and the minivan came to the shelter that same afternoon to spend some time with her to confirm that it was a match made in Heaven. Obviously it was, because that afternoon Sparkles went into a forever home where she will flourish and thrive!

Today I was lucky enough to run into this family and Sparkles, now "Scout", when the kids had a play date (did I ever mention that I'm a nanny? :) It's true!). Scout is doing GREAT! It turns out that she's dog reactive while on leash, but not off leash and Scout and her new person are attending training classes regularly to modify this behavior. Scout and her new family go running, hiking, swimming at the beach, and even tree climbing (Scout apparently is QUITE the athlete whether she's jumping 5 feet into the air to catch frisbees or jumping from branch to branch up a tree to chase a furry squirrel).

I'm so glad that Scout found such a great, well matched forever home.

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