Monday, January 26, 2009

Effie on a home visit

Effie came home with me for 4 or 5 days. She did really well playing with my 10 lb chi mix.  They had play sessions every day.  She also was not bothered by the kitties who tried to play with her tail or would walk right underneath her while she was standing.  
She also took to a tiny puppy that a friend brought over.  This puppy was a rescue who was injured but recovering. Effie followed her around and was very motherly towards her, licking her and corralling her.
Effie also took to my little guy Romeo's bed and made herself right at home. She appreciates the comfort life now has to offer her.  After all that she suffered in the past, she is still loving and trusting of humans.  What a fabulous spirit this girl has.


Pam said...

Thanks for giving Effie a break from the shelter, Neen. This sweet girl certainly enjoys her creature comforts!

loveknowsnobounds said...

i got to meet effie on monday, finally, after reading their story on the bad rap blog. it almost brought me to tears seeing how loving and friendly she is after all she's been through. i also got to meet goji, who is being fostered by a coworker. also an amazing spirit. they have a lot to teach us.


Gina said...

Aww. She sounds like a dream dog! Thanks for taking her in.

Anonymous said...

WE LOVE EFFIE! My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of being greeted by Effie when visiting the shelter this past week. We instantly fell in love with her but can't add any more poochies to the fam (we already have two at home!) Effie is special and I hope someone can make her v.i.p. in thier life :)
-Marel & Chris