Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hendrix (aka Cobalt) in His New Home

From Cobalt's New Person:
Well it's been just over three months now since I brought Hendrix home. I did want to change his name and it was a hard decision. Since he came home with me on election-day, I considered naming him for our president, or something presidential - Carter was a close runner up. None of those worked out, but I finally decided on Cobalt - its an element that is used to dye things blue - and he has a blue nose. It suits him well, we call him "Coby" "Coco" or "Cobayashi" as nicknames.
We have a fantastic life together! Just last month my good friend moved into my house with her dog Karma (see pics) - Karma is an older lady and does a good job keeping Cobalt in line. But that doesn't happen too much, as Cobalt is generally a very polite young dog. We take the dogs out for hikes in the local parks and to the coastal beaches several times a week - or just hang out at home in our cozy house. Cobalt is a ridiculous snuggler and gets to sleep in bed, under the comforter every night. In fact, he's curled up, totally covered by the blanket, next to me as I type this. :)
Thanks to all you do there at the shelter, and thank you so much for letting me take Hendrix aka Cobalt home with me!

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cheese girl@summer said...

Sweet boy! Love the new look Its great to se cobalt in action!