Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Follow Up Adoptions 7/30-9/23/08

Watson/Riley adopted on 7/30/08

He was re-adopted thru 2nd chance cocker rescue and is now living in Sutter Creek. Unfortunately I had to have emergency surgery after I had him for
about 1 1/2 mos and was laid up and found it hard to take care of a 3rd cocker who chased my cats. I've fostered for cocker rescue previously and got my 2nd cocker (after my 12 yr old died) from them. I contacted them and they placed him with a single woman who had just lost her older cocker to disease. I talked to her about him -she was tempted to get a puppy but after meeting him and talking to me she adopted him and is crazy about him. His name is now Riley.

Noodle/Frank Sinatra "Frankie" adopted on 8/1/08

Frankie is "the best dog ever"! Every day they say how lucky they are to have him in their lives. They saw his picture on the web and seemed like the perfect dog size & breed - her son suffers from allergies so it was important to get a poodle mix. The whole family came in to meet him and brought him home that same day! Frankie did not come home housetrained but learned within a couple months. He considers the space under the dining room table to be his "clubhouse", that is where he used to have potty accidents and now where he brings his stuffed toys. Frankie sleeps at the foot of the bed on a soft fuzzy robe - he knows to let his people sleep through the night undisturbed and waits for his cue in the AM to go up to the head of the bed and give kisses. The only issue he seems to have is a bit of a flea allergy so he recently got a haircut to help with the application of his Advantage. However it is cold out & this haircut may be better for summer so now he dons a cute little sweater.

Trooper/Louie adopted on 8/6/08

Jason says Louie is doing great. He plays very well with his girlfriend's dog, Rocky, a maltese. Louie's back has healed up nicely with only a few scars (he came to the shelter with bad burns down his back). Louie is very smart and has learned "sit", "shake", and "roll over". He is very friendly to all people but tends to "go after" the big dogs. Feisty little guy!

Katie/Luna adopted on 8/9/08

She came across as dainty and subdued at the shelter, once out, Luna turned into a very very energetic girl! Her confident and happy energy proved to be the perfect addition to their family. The Sarleys have a pit. "Sol". they adopted from BACS years 2 1/2 yrs ago that has many phobias and tends not to care for other dogs. However Luna has brought him out of his shell in a lot of ways. For example, Sol is 50% less claustraphobic with Luna around, he used to avoid tight spaces but with her present, he is okay now. She barks like a big dog but has displayed no agressive tendencies. The Sarleys also have 2 cats that she respects. In fact the tabby cat bullies Luna who in turn bullies Sol a bit - smallest to biggest - funny! She came home with no training but has got the basics down, Luna wants to please and is "brilliant". Luna is very affectionate and recently when Mrs. Sarley's dad visited, she spent the night in the guest room snuggling him. The only issue they have with Luna is that she does experience car sickness so I am e-mailing an article on how to overcome this....

Santana/Santana (kept his name) adopted on 8/23/08

It took Santana almost a month to come out of his shell after the Phillips brought him home. He came into their lives very fearful and expended that nervous energy by chewing up everything in site. Chris lost a couple jackets left on the floor to Santana's jaws. But then the "rope ball" came into their lives & became Santana's sole chewing focus. His uncle sent them a 1 foot in diameter rope ball that Santana loves to chew, he has gotten thru an couple 4" ropes but it will take months to a year for him to get thru it - yay! Smart uncle. When I asked if he was housetrained yet, Chris replied "WE got housetrained not him". You see Santana NEVER BARKS, does not whine nor pace, basically gives no signals that he has to use the bathroom then he just does it. So now they have learned to just take him out every 3 hours. Fortunately Mrs. Phillips is home with him all day so this routine is working out. Santana has not had a lot of socialization with other dogs. Whenever he sees another dog he gets really excited and anxious - whining, pacing, & running in circles - that usually freaks out the other party so they have not had the opportunity to interact. Santana sleeps inside & bounces between the couch and bed at night. The Phillips are now expecting a child and hope that all works out well with Santana in their expanded family.

Maisy/Curry adopted on 8/23/08

When I called Curry was cuddled up on the couch with her person. This poor little girl came home in very bad shape with injured feet that had a bandage wrapped around them. Now she's fine - running around down at the Marina, happy joyous and very loved. She is "very sweet, very fine, good, understands us & was easy to housetrain."

Max/Maxx (kept his name) adopted on 8/31/08

Hi There,
Here are a few photos of Maxx with myself and my boys. I feel so lucky to have found Maxx. He's fit into our family like he's always been here. He is particularly attached to me although he likes the boys and my husband too! He's a bit spoiled since I'm not working he goes with me everywhere and seems quite happy to sit on his seat in the car and wait while I do errands. He's wonderful on the trail and he takes me for a walk everyday. I lost my father in April and so Maxx has been the best therapy imaginable as I walk him everyday no matter what and I end up feeling so much better.

Blue Magoo/Spike adopted on 9/3/08

Spike is doing great! When I called he had just got back from a vacation with the family at Pismo Beach. They found a dog friendly hotel. Spike came home trained to go potty on indoor pads but is now housetrained and goes outside. He is very smart and learned his new name quickly. Spike does okay with other dogs but seems to prefer the company of people. This works out fine as their 4 year child just loves to carry him around the house. He's very good with children. Grace and her family are big fans of the Berkeley Animal Shelter & appreciated all the help and attention they were given.

Lauren/Greta adopted 9/13/08

Greta started off on the timid side but has opened up quite a bit. She also has put on some weight 11# -> 13# which is a good thing per her vet. At first Greta seemed embarrassed to go potty infront of Kate so she trained her with positive reinforcent techniques- giving her a treat every time she went potty out on a walk. Greta shares her home with a little Cockapoo male and they get along great! The only problem Kate has encountered with Greta is that she is very reactive to dogs on a leash. At the dog park she does just fine. To deal with this behavior they have signed her up for obediance training in January.

Artemis/Mica adopted on 9/16/08

Lia takes Mica running and to the dog park on a daily basis. It is necessary to help burn all that excess energy! Mica is "quite the puppy still & can be very wild". She is happy & so is Lia, they have bonded very well as evidenced by the fact that Mica sleeps in her bed every night.

Kirby/Kirby (kept his name) adopted on 9/16/08

We are so happy to have Kirby in our lives and he seems equally happy to be part of ours. Kirby lives with Grandma Sarah in an assisted living community and everyone loves Kirby, pets him and loves him. Pieter visits his mom, Sarah, and his walking pal, Kirby everyday. They are fast friends. Often on weekends, Kirby and Sarah come to stay with us and we enjoy off leash trails with lots of other dogs. As long as Kirby is off leash, he is well behaved with other dogs...interesting. Kirby is no fan of children, so living with Sarah who is 94 years old in an assisted living community with lots of older folks is perfect for him. He is such a good natured little guy-- so happy and content. He is a joy to have in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

Champ/Duke adopted on 9/16/08

Duke has no issues. In fact when Rolfe took him to an obediance class the instructor was pleasantly surprised at how much he already knew! He takes Duke to work with him every day and he just hangs out in the shop. He is good with other people and dogs. Rolfe's girlfriend has 2 rat terriers that Duke loves to play with!

Bownie/Bownie (kept his name) adopted on 9/18/08

Bownie was at the groomers when I called. Mr. Newberry sent a few pix that are posted on our bulletin board in lobby. There is one of Bownie in front of the Capital Building. It all began when the Newberrys were in town visiting, shopping, and walking at Aquatic Park & on a fluke they decided to go into the shelter. They were not looking for a second dog. Bownie caught their eye and an introduction to their other dog, Cleo, the toy fox terrier was able to take place on the spot. It went really well. They take their dogs with them everywhere! Bownie gets 3 walks a day and lots of playtime at the local little dog parks. Bownie is housebroken and learned very quickly to go out the doggie door and do his business. Mr. Newberry would like to know his exact birthday so that they can celebrate properly. Unfortunately his previous owners are in Thailand and did not record it on their surrender paperwork. Well I am sure every day feels like a celebration to Bownie having found such a loving forever home.

Pepper/DK adopted on 9/20/08

DK is doing really well! She fit in perfectly with her 2 big rottweiler sisters at home. They are "3 peas in a pod". Ken has no issues with her, just the normal puppy thing: she chews on everything! DK is very smart, she knows "sit', "lay down" & most importantly, "stay outta the kitchen!". Her potty training was easy, he just let the rottie girls, show her the routine - DK got it down in no time at all. Ken is very interested in getting another dog but due to city ordinance has to keep his canine clan to three.

Ralph/Ralph (kept his name) adopted on 9/22/08

Ralph is in excellent spirits as long as Andrea is nearby. When she has to leave him at home he just sits on the couch looking thru the front window waiting for her return. To avoid his unhappiness, Andrea tries to take him everywhere. Unfortunately this has resulted in them getting thrown out of the grocery store, post office & senior center. There are plans to make him a therapy dog one day. Ralph got a haircut and now gets to sport cute jackets - "he is most precious and adorable". He lives with a cat (a BACS alum too) - likes to chase her & gets very jealous if Andrea pays the cat any attention. He'll jump off the couch and come running over to her if the cat is on her lap - barking all the while. Cute lil' bugger!

Bartels/Bo adopted 9/23/08

Out on his first walk, Bo was jumpy & barky around other dogs - very excited! Now he loves to play with other dogs in a"charming" and "beautiful" way. Andrea claims she has never had such an intelligent, trainable dog! She takes him everywhere! She is a student out here with a home in Arizona. He has gone back and forth on many roadtrips. Bo is always in high spirits and she would not trade him for the world!


Pam said...

These are WONDERFUL!!!! You must be much more charming than I to be able to get people to send you all those wonderful pictures. : ) I was especially happy to see that Maxx is fitting in so beautifully with his new family & that those two high-energy boys are not overwhelming him. He clearly adores his mom-- for sure.

Cindi G said...

Thank you, Loraine. It was very much treat to read about these lucky BACS alums!