Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rainbow: Faces of a Sensitive Pooch

I took Rainbow out for a quick walk before the shelter closed on New Year's eve. She hadn't been out of her kennel in several days as there are fewer dog walkers around during the holidays. Frankly, I don't usually opt to walk the "easy dogs" like Rainbow because as a more experienced dog walker I feel obligated to take the more challenging dogs out on a jaunt. In a way though, Rainbow was a appropriate companion for my last shelter dog walk of the year. She is a sensitive, somewhat subdued dog. She surveys her surroundings in the park carefully, almost thoughtfully. Reflection comes naturally to humans this time of year so the two of us walked along slowly, enjoying the darkening skies, pondering.

Rainbow appears a bit pensive in the pictures below. I'm still wanting to get that "happy" picture where she's feeling comfortable enough to share her doggie smile. The closest I could get was her look of satisfaction as I scratched her beautiful muted brindle coat.

Note: Rainbow was found in People's Park with her adorable puppy Peeps (also at the shelter).


Pam said...

Rainbow has that look in her eyes as though she's already seen so much (and been through so much) in her short life. I, too look forward to the day when she flashes us one of those broad pittie smiles full of joy and carefree abandon.

Anonymous said...

She's so adorable!!

DENISE said...

she just needs unbridled love and canine friends, along with lots of walks
i hope to foster her to love her and hopefully keep her. with my back injury it may not be possible to keep her.