Saturday, December 13, 2008

Look who got adopted this past week!

Three of our favorite pooches found their forever homes (paws crossed) this holiday season. Good cheer all around.

Elliott is now living with a couple who take him hiking in Tilden and say "they're lucky to have him." Elliott is such a lovable, well-mannered boy, we're not surprised.

Jelly now shares a home with two small dogs and a mom who plans to take him running with her. She looked at 9 shelters before deciding Jelly was the one for her.

We wish more pit bulls were adopted as quickly as Barry White! He was with us for only a couple of weeks. His new person plans "to take him with him everywhere." This good natured pooch will no doubt love to be along for the ride!


Lizzy said...

and Daphne is at least getting out of the shelter! she'll be coming to stay with me tomorrow.

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