Saturday, December 20, 2008

Big Dog Adoptions and Favorites to Foster

I'm pleased to report that our two biggest dog residents have both found homes recently. Sarge and Ichiban have both left the building!



Also, long-term shelter dogs and volunteer favorites, Daphne & Chica (now named Angel) are happily enjoying a post-shelter life in fabulous foster homes. They were rescued by Home At Last Animal Rescue. Thanks to foster mom Lizzie who has Daphne and previously fostered several other BACS dogs including Bouncy who has since found his forever home.




Melissa said...

Sarge is doing wonderfully well in his new home. We love him! Our last dog family member came to us from BACS -- also an adult dog adoptee -- Holly Bear the Pound Lion brightened our lives for ten years. Sarge is learning quickly and is charming neighbors in his new neighborhood with his large but friendly manner. Thank you, BACS.

Lizzy said...

Daphne is doing really well too - finally coming out of her shell a little bit! I'm rather smitten with her.


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