Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carol & Pip: Unlikely pair do well

So Gina and I met up to take some pooches out yesterday. The obvious choices were not available (Gable at the vet, Shyla just spayed) so we had to be creative. I knew Pip is a submissive nice boy but which girl dog could we use? I was keen to see how Carol would do. She'd been labeled dog reactive but I'd see her go into play mode out on walks around other dogs. I thought we might as well see how'd she do because then we'd know!

I'm pleased to report that it was quite civilized. They weren't bigtime players but they had their moments including chasing a ball together, playing tug-of-war and sitting together for treats. The only time it got a bit hectic was when Pip tried to hump Carol (very politely really). She let him know that wasn't okay and on they went. It was a pleasure to see.

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