Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carol -- An appreciation of an "ordinary dog"

Volunteers have grown to adore this dear dog over her months at the shelter. She may appear to be a bit ordinary compared to the young, small, cute pooches who arrive at the shelter and then head into new homes. However, Carol truly sparkles with her wide smile and genuine appreciation for the attention given to her by volunteers.

We expect she didn't have the best of life before arriving at the shelter... Our guess is that she spent most of her life so far as a "breeder" churning out puppies for some misguided owner. Indeed, her extended nipples are hard to miss as she trots happily down the path in the park. Okay, so she's not "beautiful" in the show dog sense... but we don't care. The joy that she exhibits when volunteers spend time with her makes her one of the most beautiful dogs we've ever met. We can only hope that a good-hearted adopter comes along and decides to do a good thing, the right thing, whatever you want to call it, and gives this deserving pooch a chance at new life in a secure and loving home.


Pam said...

Carol is definitely an extra-special girl. I'm so glad more people are getting to know her and are finding out what an ace ballplayer and fantastic walking companion she can be, as well.

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