Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time to catch up with Big Mike

It's been a few weeks since Mike went to his home, and it looks like he really scored big. A family in Danville adopted him, and he seems to be living the high life.

Here is an update from Leslie, his adopter. Mike is a nice mellow dog, so it should come as no surprise that he's made the transition from shelter to home with no problem at all.

"It has been so fun having Mike. I was actually reluctant to adopt an older dog (i.e. not a puppy), but I would seriously recommend it to anyone. In Mike's case, we don't know his history, but there are so many more positives. He is very calm although still spunky. He is great on the leash and has picked up basic obedience so quickly. He has no problem with his crate and goes to the bathroom in our Mike designated areas.

He is getting lots of attention and doing great on the leash. He has met a lot of the kids' friends and many of the neighbors. He is a very social boy! The kids are particularly fond of him. Often times they swing by the house just to see Mike! He has put on a little weight so you can't see his ribs anymore. The vet did say he could gain about 5 more pounds. His coat looks great, so shiny and soft."

Here are a few pictures Leslie sent me.

Mike gets revved up to head home with his new, uh, siblings, Carolyn and Anthony (this is about as revved up as Mike gets, by the way).

If Carolyn is going to be dishing out the lovin', Mike will take a double serving.

After all the visitors, we're not surprised that he's worn out at the end of the day.

Bon Voyage Mike!

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