Sunday, August 7, 2011

Old School

Joey and I were back in action at BAD RAP class yesterday.

Actually, I feel like I was the only one in action. Joey had his own agenda.

We couldn't help noticing all the adopted BACS dogs that were there as well. When you adopt a pit or pit mix from BACS, you and your adopted dog have an indefinite invitation to come to class. But you still have to put your dog in the car, drive to class, put in all the hard work with the drills, and practice during the week. It's a commitment on the part of adopters, and it's great to see how many adopters see the value in bringing their BACS dogs to class.

Check out all of our alumni. How many do you remember?

Shirley Temple (adopted in September 2010), with adopter Matt. Focus on the drill, Shirley!

Ozzy (adopted in March 2010, he was known as Captain Crunch at the shelter) and his adopter Al get some advice from Donna as they go through the weave.

Rolen (adopted in May 2010, he was known as the slightly-harder-to-pronounce Raulon at the shelter), with adopter Esther. I like to spell his name "Rollin'", but it's just a matter of personal preference.

Two of my favorites. Radar (adopted in April 2011) hams it up, with adopter Brian. And Edie (adopted in October 2010, she was known as Miley at the shelter), with adopter Jason. Edie is a notorious collapser at class.

Molly (adopted in July 2011), in her first class with adopter Tina. Tina has a head and arms and everything; this is just a bad picture.

Here's a better picture of Molly and Tina as they prepare to race Rollin' and Esther in the wedding march drill.

Rexx (adopted in February 2011), with adopter Anastasia.

There's Clover in the background (adopted in June 2011), with her adopter Janet.

Of course, we've still got merchandise in house. You can see Reggie in the previous picture, with Karen.

Here are Roseanne (with Caroline), and Sweet Pea (with Joanne). Contrary to their appearance in this picture, neither of these dogs are dead. They're both alive and well, and waiting for their own adoption.

Claudia, Nanee, Melanie, Blue, and Leroy have also been spotted at class. Come check them out! You'll be impressed with how quickly these shelter dogs are improving.

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anne said...

Nice to catch up with shelter dogs past and present. And it makes me so happy to see Radar in the advanced class with his family. Everyone, you rock. And I miss Bad Rap class!