Monday, August 1, 2011

So Happy Together

Miki and Chris reflect on the 1-year adoption anniversary of their girl, Lola.

"Sunday, July 31st was my 1-year anniversary with Lola, (aka Kaya). It is really difficult for me to be brief in describing how much and why I fall in love with Lola everyday, but I will try.

This is Lola on her very first day. Very anxious, nervous and trying to recover not only from being homeless and recently weaning puppies, but from burst mammary glands, and a recent spay. 

Such a sad face.

This is Lola today. Never said she was the classiest gal in the world.

But then she turns around and looks like this. Stunning!

A lot of things have changed for Lola just in the last several months alone. She now wags her tail soo much more than she used to. She has learned to play with toys and plays a mean game of fetch. Though she prefers the trails, she has learned to be more comfortable and even enjoy our city walks with all it's noises. She is learning to run off-leash in the east bay parks minding her manners and having a great time. She has discovered that she LOVES to swim, garnering amused looks from hikers that pass by and adoring looks from me.

We feel so lucky that Lola is ever so polite to our resident evil cat who wants nothing to do with her. She has proven herself to be sweet and gentle to children of all ages. She has charmed her way into our kitchen and onto our beds. My extended family is so in love with her that I never worry about daycare. And can this girl run! We're a family of trail runners and Lola didn't miss a beat. 3 miles? 5 Miles? 14 miles? No problem.

Thank you BACS for helping us find this wonderful wonderful girl. She's strong and healthy and happy and we couldn't be more in love."

Good job, Lola!

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