Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rexx, A Special Dog Who Needs a Home

Rexx touched my heart from the beginning. There is something so sweet and gentle in him that evokes a strong sense of protectiveness and an eagerness to give him all the love I could within the confines of his circumstance: being a shelter dog I could not take home.

Rexx remembers you, trusts you, wants to keep you by his side so you don't disappear. All this, so heartwrenching because of course I , like all volunteers must disappear and leave him in his kennel where his anxiety heightens and his need for love and attention becomes greatest.

How dearly I want for him a home-- a soft place for him to rest his head in peace, where a loving guardian is not far from his side, or will soon return home, as sure as the sun will rise.

Being with Rexx makes one feel extra-special: like you have done something right and impressive to have earned this sweet boy's favor. But all you have done is show tenderness, caring, and love. None of this to be taken for granted, especially by Rexx who seems to appreciate each gesture, each soft-spoken word of encouragement and soothing.

It is wrenching to see him is such desperate despair in the kennel, where the good things he has experienced in his life seem unreachable and far away. Yes, he has food, water, warmth, a clean kennel, all of which are not to be taken for granted, for in some shelters even these basics are not a given. But Rexx is a sensitive soul who knows there is more and literally cannot live without it. With each day, his body shrinks, slowly dying from starvation despite the two-a-day feedings prescribed to keep his weight up.

Times are tough and adoption rates all over the country are down. But I pray there is a home out there who will cherish Rexx in all his gentleness, in his tender leanings into you, in his soft licks upon your cheek, in his laying his head in your lap as the sun warms his aching body, in his friendly and cheerful interaction with every passing dog. I hold hope in my heart for Rexx, who has so very quickly worked his way into it, and who I know does so easily into others', as well.

Rexx has been adopted by a very special family. Thank you!!


Joel said...

Looks like Rexx was adopted! Someone stepped up and welcomed him into their home. This is great news, Rexx was not going to last much longer at the shelter but today he is resting comfortably in a home - and sharing it with another former BACS shelter dog, no less.

Anastasia said...

Well, we are then lucky family! He's doing very well. Eating? no problem. Sleeping on a cushy bed under a blanket? no problem. Out on a walk? no problem. He even met a couple of dogs on our outings and did a little playing. When he's out in the yard and play, he keeps looking out for us to make sure we're still there. He's very responsive to training. We've been making him sit and wait during feeding, sit before crossing the street, and "leave it" (because he won't leave Stella alone). He's a very good dog and we are lucky to have him.