Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chika (aka Leeloo) Finds a Home

Many volunteers will remember Chika, the adorable two-month old pup who came into our shelter on November 12th via the night-box. She was such an adorable bundle of softness and love that we all thought Chika would be adopted in no time at all. However, "no-time-at-all" turned into three long months during which Chika went through various stages of development within the confines of a kennel. Happily, as soon as her series of vaccinations was completed, Chika was able to go for walks and explore what lay beyond the shelter walls.

Here are a few of my favorite memories of Chika: a rainy Christmas afternoon and (the usually extremely active and somewhat mouthy) Chika snuggles sleepily against the chest of a volunteer; visiting a Fourth Street store and watching her bark at the image reflected back to her by the store's mirror; venturing ever-so-tentatively into the bay, unsure of what this penetrable, but dark surface really is; running with abandon on the low-tide shore behind the Seabreeze Cafe as seagulls and sandpipers flew up in flight at her approach; curled up on the fleece-covered passenger seat of a car, paw gently draped over the driver's leg as she snuggled ever-so-comfortably into the folds of the fleece, sun warming her dark coat; chest out, legs ramrod straight in a proud mini-pittie stance. Confident, smart, strong, loved.

Jill began taking her on outings to the Albany Bulb for a good pack romp, enabling her to use the muscles and bones that had so dearly been awaiting the opportunity to run and consequently develop, as a normal pup's should.

One Saturday afternoon in February, a young couple came in looking to adopt a young dog. Something about this smart, confident, yet respectful and eager-to-please dog captured their hearts.

Now Leeloo gets lots of love and hugs . . .

. . . and chew toys (finally) to soothe her incoming adult teeth . . .

. . . and opportunities to play.

Leeloo is in good, capable hands, with a mom and dad who adore her, a cat who tolerates her, and a home that is forever hers.

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LeeLoo's mommy said...

We certainly do adore her, and want to thank everyone at BACS for giving us this opportunity!

I love seeing that picture of her as a pup, even today she still gives that same look... usually with a ball in her mouth, acting coy while enticing us to play! That story of her barking at her own reflection is priceless, she does that out on our walks when we pass windows and doorways. Every time we laugh at how excited she is to see "other dog". She's been a wonderfully cuddly companion at home - she wags her whole body to say hello, and wants nothing more than to be by our sides or right on top of us. She's been a great exercise buddy (finally someone who can keep up!), and so much fun at dog parks. I can't wait until we start the BADRAP classes and get a chance to show off how smart she is and teach her even more. We look forward to many, many years with our happy, wiggly girl.